Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shall never fade

Finally, The days there finally end with a short term break. Not so long enough. Last day is tomorrow and I just got home yesterday. And actually this is my first post for the year 2011. Now im facing the outside world for reality. Maybe the challenges may not start yet but I know,, many awaits me.

1 month in the KEM PLKN PADANG HIJAU KLUANG really reminds me my life back as a collegean. 2 years there teach me to be trustworthy in myself. Its not about the education or syllabus we r facing but to face the outside world. Memory flash back in single moments.

Starting with the tradition, CHEERING! As the king of the school we have the real sight of the match. The whole school will be gather at the side of the school. Fearing the rivals. As the form5 standing on the grand stand is really enjoyable. We scream and sang at the top of our lungs. Just for a great spirit to face the opponent.

Under the sun blaze. we finally tanned


Other thing I missed is my class. We got thr nicest classes all over the school in Malaysia. U should see them by yourself. The teachers who visited our school also said so. We painted the whole class. We put flowers. We wrapped the tables. We r the BOYS. Who say boys arent good in decorations?

They r twins. xD

5 sc 1

Till know. So lot of things i missed about koleq. Not enough in a few words. So...

To be continued...