Thursday, December 23, 2010

Words of appreciation

I just bought a new Sony ericsson Xperia X8. Thanx to my brother, Karim Daud, for willingly to buy this handphone. Really love it. Actually its a gift for me getting Straight for my trial. At first dreaming of Xbox 360 but thinking twice, my age as teenager does not very long. So, not very worth buying it as I was thinking of studying overseas(cita2 je besar) so I will less spend time at home. No time for xbox huh.

Thats the handphone. Latest model from Sony Ericsson. Seriously, same of the function is kinda weird. U got no inbox in the phone. U use conversation like chatting using Skype or Yahoo messenger. But still it cost u money for sending the message. Then I cant delete the file easily. It takes sometimes unless u connect it to the computer itself. There is no file manager I think. Im not really sure. But, really a nice phone to have. It use electron finger screen touch, (as Ili said lah). so u cant use nail or watever except for finger and anything that contain electrons I assume.

Once again, thx bro. Really appreciate ur gift.


Sophia said...

amboi, HAHA

ihsan said...

Ahaha, all this while gner hp 3310 kot