Friday, March 18, 2011

Guys hangout

Macam mane nak start eh? Okok.
Starting a simple plan made by Zaid.
Dia yang buat plan tapi dia yang x pegi. Memang bagus. So, 4 of us left ;- Amir, riyadh, Rahimi, and me. Riyadh dah ada lesen. Tak perlulah kitorang susah2 menunggu bas nak pegi ke pusat bandar.
Around 11 am, Riyadh and Amir arrived in front of my house. The first thing I noticed was Amir's hair. And its like "Oh my God.. Jeles giler aku ngan rambut dia!"

Kalau nak compare ngan rambut aku yang baru nak disemai. jauh beza weh. Then we went to Rahimi's and as usual this vvvvvip. He was taking shower as we arrived. Nice job botak.

Amir with his korean hair -.-

Later at the Dataran Pahlawan, DP for short. Went straight to the GSC. "The World's Invasion". The name Sounds cool but not the storyline. I just cant accept how 5 humans defeated 1 Angkatan of alien who have better and advance technology. -.-" craps!

During the movie, tontong mesej me, telling he was there. Just arrived from his house.. Haiyaa
So then, we have our lunch there. At the foodcourt of course. Not so rich enough to go for piza hut. Huhuhu..

End of our lunch..
So, Amir got to go to his job. Somewhere Im not really sure. And I dont care either. We were planning to have some fun playing bowling. But, the bowling center at the Mahkota Parade is totally fulled. Riyadh said "meh kite gi MIBC. Maen kat situ". So i just follow lah. Lagipun, we have car. So our destination is not limited. ahaha. Free to go anywhere within our budget. We r not skool kid anymore like the past. Wasting time just for waiting for bus. Ngahaha.

We played two games. And im really love to see Rahimi's style of shooting the pin. He got his own style. And it actually look funny. Perhaps cute lol ;D
Me and rahimi actually competing for the best. Who cared about riyadh. His so damn pro.
And heres our result for the first game. Kesian lak tgk markah bawah sekali tuh. ahaha

Result of the first

The second game did not go really good. We grew tired of it. Not much energy. Not as gud as the first one. But its ok.
Best bowler player. ahaha

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