Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to train kids

I always have problem with the introduction. 
Seriously, I need to learn more thesis statement so that my introduction can actually attract readers to continue with their reading of my post.

Oh kids,
A moment where we just playing around.
No homework, No stress, no pressure, no assignment.
All you need to do is fulfill your need and and wants especially in order to survive this great time.

Talking about kids eh..
Lets say, I am the member club of Taska in my College. So, the task for the club is behaving the kindergarten kids. It may sounds hard for the first time but actually we found there is formula to keep them well behaved. I bet Newton never came up with this formula. 

And the formula is simple....


It's kinda hard if u ask them to do wat u want.
U need stratergy and tactic.
And using handphone with GAMES are the best stratergy.

From my experiences,
well, the club members need to help the teachers in their graduation day. So everyone of us responsible to take care one kid and prepare them for their performances. 

At first, they keep running around the hall. Duuh. hard to control them.
Then one of us played angry bird on his handphone. (curi tulang x buat keje)
Then suddenly, the game was like a magnet and there are like a a piece of magnet flying, attracting to the magnet.

Then, they all turned from a superhyperactive running kids into a soldier always prepared to receive ur command. 

**bahasa melayu side**

Terus diorang tak main lari lari dah. Semua pegi kat penjaga diorang. Mintak handphone. Bagus betul kan. kalau nak lagi paham apa aku duk merepek nih, tengok la gambar2 nih.

Ni anak teacher bi aku. Aku kene jaga ni. Bagi hp sudah..

Senang nak jaga. tak banyak kerenah

Semua datang kerumun
Hehehe. tu lah. budak zaman sekarang dah tak main la tenteng ke, kejar2 ke. Apa standard. Main angry bird lah best!

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