Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hidup lebih bahagia

I dont know what really happen to this facebook really. Me not judges to leave comments on the facebook.
Dont want to say more about this craps! -.-"

Almost 3 days left the PLKN. Im fully home, physically and mentally. PLKN eah.
Honestly from myself.. The camp should be improve a lot.
Lets make this easy ...

"Esok korang akan menembak"

*Yaaaaaay* from the member of the floors

"Pakaian full loreng. Kumpul kul 7 pagi kat padang kawad."

Then after that, they divide us into detail ( group consists of 12 trainees.)
If im not mistaken there r like 30 details there.

The next day..
After rushing for subuh prayer and breakfast in full loreng...

"Ok, detail 1 hingga 15 akan bergerak ke padang sasar terlebih dahulu. yg len naek dewan makan tunggu sampai bas sampai"

And im on the 23rd detail. Waiting, sitting, chatting, sleeping till 12 o'clock in the noon doing NOTHING.
Finally, after lunch the van finally arrived to pick us up.

Once again, life never been better without picnic under the sunshine. U really get tanned skin real soon. I luv it. ahaha

Then later at 3 its the 23rd detail. Our turn babe! Lets rock this whole world with our bullets. 30 bullets for shooting. 10 for trials and marks will be taken in the next 20.


"ek eh... dah abis dah. x sampai 5 minit pon"

There the end for menembak. And of course, the happiness does not last long. We spent 2 hours more there waiting for other detail.

5 minits of joy, 12 hours of suffering.
Thats how life at plkn was -.-

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you know who said...

ok la tu..at least dpt menembak pkai real gun..org len pakai pistol air je.. :p

p/s: sila exercise lbih ye..perut anda makin bun~ hahahaha