Sunday, March 13, 2011

A piece of hope

Saying about spm, next week the result will be anounced. It really make my spine nervous as this result is the part of my future. Without straight A's, me myself is going to put myself into the road of unknown. Although its true that the fail of spm doesnt mean the fail of ur future. But think back. World nowdays really competating one. SPM candidates with straight A's are like hundred thousands but scholarship being offered r like 10% of it.

Im not only just competing with only the malays, but also other races which they are way better thinking and speaking than me. For me, i think myself is kinda lame. I can talk in the public but with a special effect of "err..err'' or "ermmm"and not forgetting the extra shaking cold hand. And my vocabulary is totally sucks. See my writing just only using simple english. Plus with the grammar errors here and there. Not trying to be perfect but better from myself now.

Can this smile last long or perhaps, im just gonna show fake smile? Of course i been dreaming of getting Straight A's. Then go for sholarship interview and success in it. Later, get offer to further my studies oversea in the course I been looking for.
Thats only a dream.

Making a dream is simple task but make it real.. Ask urself.

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