Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Break the chain

Howdy partner..
This post is about chain message. Chain message is a message where you keep forwarding to others. U got the message and the contents told u to forward it to others.

This message is totally craBs! hahaha..

Contoh example :~

If that really true, then Im really a wicked friend. Coz, I never did forwarding any of these types of message. Sometimes, this chain message is trying to advice us. Not to forget Allah. But the way they did it is wrong.

Korang mesti pernah terbaca yang mesej yang dari orang Mekah. Dia mimpi Jumpa Rasulullah.

I know the "niat" is good but "niat tidak menghalalkan cara". (my BI is fish)

Back to the past...

I was 10 years old. Standard 4 at that time. I owned Yahoo messenger. Lots of friends on my list.
Then one day, I signed it like normal, offline messages pop-out.
I go through one by one till one of the message really got my attention.
At that time I never knew chain message. In the message, it said....

My baby got cancer. And we were from the poors.
We need some money for treatment for my baby.
We have discussed with yahoo and they said
They will give us $0.01 everytime this message
is forward.

I was shocked with that. I believe that junk! wat a noob.! Gelabah jugak lah time tuh. I then told my friend about that. Time tu budak2 kan. So memang rancak lah pasal cerita mesej tuh dengan dia. Bunguk giler. Hahaha

Tapi, the worse of all is this mesej..

My name is Alice.
I got no eyes, and my shirts are painted blood.
I was murdered by my bf.
He raped me and cut me into pieces
If u dont forward this mesej to everyone,
Ill come to ur bed tonite with a knife.

Something like that, but more horrifying.
Malam tu aku x tidor kot.. -.-"
Cuak laa wehh...

So guys, please stop about this type of mesej. It really annoying okayh. SPAM on my wall not in my inbox.!


husna mukhtar said...

aku dulu pun tlibat jgk har har har
skrg tak buat dah
tambah2 kalau suruh aku text 20 org ke 7 orang.
dah la aku guna celcom blue. mahai kot
habis cred. tak jadi save utk rinrin

tiqasandsbox said...

sebarang msg yg disuroh forward smue masok tong sampah je

ajim hazim said...

kekadang mesej asl soh bagi kat 5 org je. nanti smpai kat org laen, org tu edit soh bg kat 10 org.. pastu edit lagi jadi 20.. dan lagi dan lagi...

Anonymous said...

bunguk gile!

HageNana said...

Ajim cakap edit2 mcm penah buat je!

and ko x tido ? mak ai betol2 tkot ko nie ~

Ihsan said...

husna -- tukar lah upax! susah sgt ke

tiqa -- make sure msj ak x buang lah!

ajim -- ko ke yg edit byk2 tuh.. aku selalu gak dpt dari ko. haha

ama -- serious kot. tapi mase skola rendah... dlm klas x effect pon

Ryan said...

I think you should have a chat box, that will be easy to comment