Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How do people made their thoughts?

Hey hey..
Remember my previous post. I said i was hoping for someone to scholar me up so I can enjoy my bloody days? Then later at night, someone told me he willingly to scholar my fees and trip to spend a day with him.

This morning,
Ok before that, Let I introduced him as "abg X".
Around 8, he arrived in front of my house with his black BMW.At my first sight, it was like a wow! A 23 years old student driving BMW? Its totally nuts and unacceptable. As I stepped into the car, he was like gorgeous. Senang cerita jambu lah muka. No picture of him make this story sucks. But nvm, life can still move on

So we went straight to KL. At first I thought we were goin to the Mid Valley as he parked his car at the Mid Valley.
But guess what? We actually did some shopping at the Gardens. Mostly chinese go there. Malays are like 2 or 3 because they offer something that are totally exceeding our budget. As we approached the target, he suddenly hold my hands. And I thinks that was ok..

So we walked and took our pace. And soon I realized that all eyes were on us. It was really obvious.I wondered. Why in earth are they staring at us? I made my minds. Maybe that i was walking with someone FAMOUS or one of the corporate. Or perhaps, he was so gorgeous that really eyes catching.

Many thoughts ran through my head. I saw him like didnt care of the crowd. So, maybe he had that situations all day. LAter, i just cant imagine! I met my girlfriend, ILI!

Oh my god.!
It was so really too very like a novel. You suddenly met ur partner at a place u never thought. I losse my hand grips, and without hesitation I hold her hands.And at that moment, everyone seems back to the normal life.I was no longer being the subjects at their tongue.

So we walked like other couples. -.-

As i got home. The questions still on my head.

Why I was targeted when I hold a man's hand? Its not dosa pun.. Pelik2. memang pelik

But then, kalau perempuan pegang tangan perempuan, x de pulak yang mengusha sedemikian rupa! Urghh.. So unfair..

Lantak lah.. malas nak pikir.
And oh yeah,
please note in mind..

That story above is just a tale. I made it so i can relate to that question. ahahaha
And the most important thing..

Im not a gay!

It just a story full of fantasi? but the questions are lack of ideas? eh?

Im not gay -.-


husna mukhtar said...

aku suka jalan dgn adik aku aum aum.
semua org tgk pelik jgk.

Ihsan said...

boleh tdor dah kot

Anonymous said...

heee ko dah de girlfriend????
ko main2 ye

baru je pass spm

belajo dulu

ade kejo, de duit,ade le gf

huda1521 said...

well, nice story tale.
ska jgk ye ko brngan bnd2 cmni.haha
hm, ingat pesanan kt ats 2:)

tiqasandsbox said...

sape name 'abang x' huh?.msty famous

Anonymous said...

eii eii ape ni san.. smpai ati ko..hahaha

Ihsan said...

ahaha. jeles ke bang?