Monday, April 4, 2011

So it's called rubics?

The days seem to past so damn fast. Like other PLKN2011 graduated trainees, I also eat, sleep, bath, online with full commitment and confidence! Yeah, everyone seems loves to waste their time nowdays.Ok, im totally bored staying at home. I wished that i have partners to play ping pong with. Or mate that can keep out my mouth from being shut all the time. Or maybe some Non Government Organization that willingly sponsored me to enjoy at the mall, or some bombastic places to visit. But guess then, dream are just dream. They fade in reality.

actually i dont know wat to talk about. So rubix cube is the ugliest thing I can think about.

The name "rubix" or "rubics" or "rubixs" (watever lah) was given to
this cube in the year of ...

Why it is called rubics?
so ugly name!
Maybe because from it founders. Rubics in malay means err... A cube with many colours. Its a FACT!
See! at least that u learnt something from reading my blog.

only that i made it myself.. hehe.

How u play it?

Just simple. Rotate, spin, twist the box of 3x3 in any direction u like.
No strategy
No tricks
No terms and condition applied.
After all it just a cube. U dont have to break ur brain solving every colour in one side.

See that. After I just simply play it for fun, i found it that the colour in the middle is differ from the sorrounding. Dont know how to reverse it lol.. No tricks!

Learn the tips?
So, go take ur car key, turn on the engine, drive quickly to the nearest store. Make it while it last.
I bet, there are something better u've to do rather than just sitting on a sofa, rotating all the damn u can. It doesnt burn ur calories anyway.

Moral is ; stop playing with a coloured cube


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HageNana said...

try buat smabil kejam mate , can u?

Ihsan said...

kejam mata?? ahaha typo! ;)

SITOT said...

aq wat 5 minit..bapak lamaaa....