Thursday, March 31, 2011

My camera back to work! yaaah!

I advice u..

Dont scroll down this page, unless u r truly ready to take the risk

And if you are
Pregnant woman
Underage child
Heart attack patient
Or any cronic(how to spell kronik once again?) disease

Its the best if u move ur cursor towards bottom right. And maybe clicked the "X" button. everything will be fine. I promised!


*the materials below may hazardous to your health. Ill NOT responsible for anything happen to u. I've remind u so many times. Take it or leave it.

Ok lets make this easy and worthwhile.
I give u some good nice picture but until half the page.
So Ill put one more warning beneath the picture, to remind u once again and the last time
about the risk u gonna faced. Got it?

Ok, so here we go....

My happy bunny. 8 of them. It seems that they r growing fatter.
Eat, sleep, berak
Eat, sleep, berak
Eat, sleep, berak

Their everyday routine.

They should learn some manners

French kiss ;)

Struggling for a drop

The black still stuck in the middle

Really love this pic <3

until there.
Now the bad part.
Im tired of pouring water on daun keladi.
So, dont sue me if anything goes wrong ok.

Somehow or somewhere or somewhen..
Everybody got to die sometimes..
Even this little birdie itself,
Died on the road. Crushed by a car.
Something that unimaginable.
Birds.. They should in the sky. Free to go anywhere.
It can just flap it wings before the car hit it. But who knows..

epic. red colours the road

The skull ;[]

See that black ant..

Credits to my sister for locking the door, preventing me from entering in after some snapshot of these. ahaha


tiqasandsbox said...

cute giler rabbit uh:)

Naim Putera said...

cute lagi burung tu. Oh. Burung. Eh Ihsan, tu burung lah. Burung. Ala, burung? Oh. Burung.

Ihsan said...

oh naem. putera?
naem putera?
ooohh.. naem? putera??

husna mukhtar said...

tak paham aku dgn korang. =.=
eh ehsan, bak sekor.

nak bkongsi kasih?
aku bini pertama. kau bini kedua

Ihsan said...

oh. ak xsnggup dimadukan. Oh tidaK!