Friday, May 6, 2011

laugh all the way u want

If u been following the readers digest, u will realize that theres are sections for jokes.
Jokes.. They are supposed to be funny. Not irritating,

Pranks are nice if it is happened to someone else but the the most shit if u experienced it and get urself ashamed in the public.
Haaah. actually I just want to share this video. Its annoying but funny.
Ignore my words up there


Ama said...

eh apsal gitu sekali ?

bunyi die mcm ge'ah ge'ah ge'ah ! HAHAHA

Aisyah Arlis said...

wehh..pelik dok cara minah uww gelak..aku nak gelak dgo dia gelak!! siyes pelik..ahahahahaa

husna mukhtar said...

sumpah bangang. hahaha
comel siot dia gelak

Huda comeyy :D said...

ceyyy. Bakal jd MAHARAJA LAWAK MUSIM KE-10 !