Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new leaf

At first I was afraid of facing the IB programme. But one of my fren shared me this video, and it was really a long "pheeewww" after watching it. Thx harrith redza for sharing.

So to my many friends who had just and will be registered their name for the pre-u, I wished you all a best. Enjoy from your first day there. I still a long 1 month to go. People said it short. And yeah its short.

My brother said "dont waste ur time at home for now because the holidays after spm will never returned back"
so.. what to do?


NUR ADILA said...

ok, ko pon mangsa ib jugak?

anyway, gudluck, aku kms

ajim hazim said...

wah... thniah ye ihsan.... proud to be ur friend...

Cutie Pusher said...

wow, one of the nerds really excited to write extended essay, crap.

Ujer said...

hahaha,macam best. ;)

Ihsan said...

nerd waffy.
go find life