Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fourteen square meter feet.

Hola and good a nice day.
Geeeek, Im still find myself wasting so much time. Yeah(I keep repeating the same). Dont u know how much I really want pass these days with something unusual. Trust me, when Im in college, Ill be missing back my old days at the house. Thats the flow of life.

A simple and normal term used widely in hostel kiddo. It means like breaking the carefeuw? Back to my school days, I used to fly. And not sometimes but often! Especially during the spm weekends. So hardcore visiting the cyber cafe wasting money, playing games. Thats the only fantasy entertainment we can get there.

And so, whatever.. A life never been better without facing the dare and challenges. Indeed they are memories!

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najmi^^ said...

Yeah.. u absolutely right!